Vancouver's Home Ownership Crisis Hits Record Highs

Posted on Apr 10, 2024 in Blogs

In a recent report by the Royal Bank of Canada, the home affordability crisis in Vancouver has escalated to unprecedented levels, marking a significant challenge for potential homebuyers. Published in April 2024, the report underscores that the final quarter of 2023 was the most challenging period for Canadians striving to afford a home, with Vanco...

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Vancouver 2050: A Vision of Urban Transformation

Posted on Mar 10, 2024 in Blogs

As we look towards 2050, Vancouver is on the brink of a transformative era that redefines its commercial and real estate landscape. The city, known for its scenic beauty and vibrant urban life, is evolving into a futuristic hub where lifestyle, work, and play converge seamlessly. Below are the pivotal trends shaping Vancouver’s journey into the nex...

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Canada's Homebuyers: A rush unhindered by waiting for lower rates

Posted on Feb 03, 2024 in Blogs

Homebuyers in Canada are eager to enter the housing market, anticipating potential rate cuts from the Bank of Canada. A December sales rally and soft prices have fueled speculation of a heating market. The shift in market sentiment is evident, with increased optimism about home prices. Buyers, aiming to avoid rising competition, are jumping in, dri...

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Kids Life on the North Shore

Posted on Oct 13, 2021 in Blogs

Being new parents, my husband and I have been pondering how to give back to the North Shore community which has become our special home and the start of our kid's journey. We decided to engage local places and share their services with like-minded parents through a facebook community group we called "Kids Life on the North Shore".

This group will in...

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Q3 2021 Housing Overview

Posted on Sep 23, 2021 in Blogs

The past 18 months has been like no other for Metro Vancouver’s housing market. A steady recovery was well underway when the pandemic put the housing market and the rest of the economy into a lockdown in March of 2020. This lockdown, however, was short lived. To the surprise of many, home sales and, shortly after, prices built rapid momentum in the...

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Is lack of housing supply putting homeownership out of reach for millions of Canadians?

Posted on Aug 30, 2021 in Blogs

Housing prices are high because of a lack of supply; yet millions of Canadians still rank homeownership as a top life goal. Increasing housing supply would make homeownership more accessible for Canadians.

Here are some recommendations from the Canadian Real Estate Assossiation:

Housing Supply and Infrastructure:
Canada has the lowest number of housin...

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