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Vancouver's Home Ownership Crisis Hits Record Highs

In a recent report by the Royal Bank of Canada, the home affordability crisis in Vancouver has escalated to unprecedented levels, marking a significant challenge for potential homebuyers. Published in April 2024, the report underscores that the final quarter of 2023 was the most challenging period for Canadians striving to afford a home, with Vanco...

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Vancouver 2050: A Vision of Urban Transformation

As we look towards 2050, Vancouver is on the brink of a transformative era that redefines its commercial and real estate landscape. The city, known for its scenic beauty and vibrant urban life, is evolving into a futuristic hub where lifestyle, work, and play converge seamlessly. Below are the pivotal trends shaping Vancouver’s journey into the nex...

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Canada's Homebuyers: A rush unhindered by waiting for lower rates

Homebuyers in Canada are eager to enter the housing market, anticipating potential rate cuts from the Bank of Canada. A December sales rally and soft prices have fueled speculation of a heating market. The shift in market sentiment is evident, with increased optimism about home prices. Buyers, aiming to avoid rising competition, are jumping in, dri...

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