Exciting Developments in Calverhall: New School Project Underway

Cloverley school project, set to reshape Calverhall's community educational landscape. The new school, designed to accommodate 585 students, marks a significant upgrade from the previous facility, which could only serve 245 students. This expansion is in response to our growing community needs and will include modern facilities and increased child care spaces.

Project Highlights:

Enhanced Educational Capacity:
The new school will support 60 Kindergarten and 525 elementary students.
Community and Child Care Facilities: Including a 300 square meter Neighbourhood Learning Centre and dedicated child care spaces for 37 infants and toddlers, funded in part by the City of North Vancouver.

Sustainable Construction:
Emphasizing mass timber construction and greenhouse gas reduction measures, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

Construction Timeline:
Current Phase: The site is undergoing demolition of the old school, set to be completed by mid-May 2024.
Next Steps: Construction is scheduled to begin in August 2024, with the school opening planned for the 2026/27 academic year.

Community Impact:
The project includes new playgrounds, a multi-use sport court, and improved green spaces. Despite the construction, parts of the existing tennis courts and park areas will remain accessible until project completion.

This project is not just an upgrade of physical structures but a commitment to enhancing the educational environment and community facilities in Cloverley. As we anticipate these changes, the potential increase in property values and community appeal is an exciting prospect for current and prospective residents.
Stay tuned for more updates as I follow the progress of this pivotal project. Whether you're considering moving to Cloverley or curious about how these developments affect your property's value, feel free to reach out for detailed insights and tailored real estate advice.